Facelift Surgery and what you need to know

 SMAS facelift benefits

facelift-procedureIn full, it is known as superficial musculoaponeurotic system. It is one of the facelift surgery revolves around the muscular tissues in the face. When these muscles weaken or tighten, the skin droops and one shows wrinkles. The skin becomes less elastic and at the same time, you will have fat accumulation beneath the skin. The SMAS facelift is ideal for correcting the problem. The following are the benefits realized from this surgical procedure:

Facelift and Natural looking results

One notable aspect of this kind of surgery is the fact that it helps to bring natural results. This is attributed to the fact that it deals with the deeper layer of the face that we are referring to as the   superficial musculoaponeurotic system. This system involves mobilisation, reposition and fixation techniques of correcting any anomalies in the facial structure. If you would like to read more about facelift procedures here.

Better rejuvenating effect

You will find that the SMAS facelift shows better results when it comes to the rejuvenation of the skin. This is because, instead of the skin-only lift, it deals with more than one layer. In this case, we are looking at the dermal and epidermal layers. The rejuvenating effects will as such last for as long as 15 years. However, the patient will be asked to do at least the following:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Avoid the harmful UV  rays
  • Maintains a healthy weight

Thankfully, all these can easily be achieved as long as one is looking for positive results for their facial appearance.

Strengthens the facial structure

The underlying structure of the face is important is important for better appearance. If it is weak, one will have wrinkles, sagging among other problems.  You can count on the SMAS facelift to make a stronger layer beneath the face.

Less tension on the skin

If the skin is tensed, this would mean that you will take longer to recover from the scars of surgery. The same cannot be said when it comes to this technique. It duly reduces the tension that is usually found on the skin and these aids in the   healing and especially where the scars are involved.

Corrects severe sagging

Even those who are advanced in age can benefit directly from this surgical procedure. The chin and also the jaw line are some of the main areas on the face which can positively be corrected using this technique.

Tightens the skin

When combined with necklift, this procedure helps a lot in tightening the skin as well as getting rid of excess fat that is found in the neck area.

Revitalized appearance

It has been found that other facelift surgery procedures only address issues such as fat deposit under   the skin; this is probably one of the best procedures to use as it fully offers you a chance to correct the various imperfections for a more revitalized look.

In conclusion, whether you have drooping cheeks, wrinkles, creases, sagging or loose skin among others, you can count on this procedure to help you realize the most positive results. The risks involved are also to some extent minimized for your own benefit.

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