Modern Technology Dental Invisalign

banner-4-11Deciding to fix your teeth. Options are made available for your preferences. If you are the type to prefer a removable one and allows you to eat whatever food you want, then Invisalign is the right alternative for you. Invisalign like braces, were created improve one’s smile and confidence and straightening the teeth’s alignment. The Invisalign from the word invisible, takes a modern approach using a custom-made series of aligners especially designed for every individual to straighten their teeth. This dental technology does not need any metal brackets and wires to straighten the teeth.

The Invisalign in Parramatta which is manufactured by Align Technology consists of aligner trays or a series of clear smooth and comfortable retainers. It is made of plastic that is free from BPA. To finely and gently fix the teeth, you are required to wear it over your teeth. The process involves taking a mold of the teeth through the use of impressions, pictures, and X-rays to make a perfect 3D image of the teeth. This will then be used to configure accordingly the aligner trays. The aligners made are intended to be worn daily for at least 20 hours for two weeks to achieve the best result. It will take approximately 14 months to finish the treatment, however, it still varies depending on the complexity of the planned teeth movements. After the treatment, the patient is still advised to wear a retainer at night.

Cosmetic-Dentist-09Choosing Invisalign allows you to eat any food you want anywhere. There are no issues with food getting stuck in between the braces and teeth. Invisalign also offers a better look in terms of appearance, people would not even notice you are wearing them. Using Invisalign also allows you to floss your teeth normally and even brush it as it can be removed whenever desired to. However, the trays need to be removed before eating and brushing should be done after every meal. It keeps you away from teeth stains. More information about invisalign –

Another good thing about wearing Invisalign is, it is generally safer than braces. Braces use metal and wires which may scratch the inside of the mouth and gums. At the same time, conventional metal braces are said to cause demineralization and decaying of teeth. Invisalign treatment, unlike braces which takes years, only takes a year or a year and a half to fix the teeth. The only catch is, it cost higher than the braces. A normal brace can range at $1,800-5,000 while the cost for an average Invisalign is 5,000.

For every dental treatment, there are some things that cannot be avoided. For people using Invisalign, they may experience a slight speech impediment and excess saliva due to the excess bulk by the trays of aligners and retainers. Patients must also be keen to wear back their aligners after every meal because a lot of patients lost their aligners due to these instances. Get your invisalign today at –

Straightening teeth for a more comfortable smile and an total oral health must be cosulted and studied well. One must weigh the options clearly to have a better result.Better yet, consult the dentist to give you a clear shot of your teeth problem.