Cost of Liposuction in Brisbane

Liposuction costs

There are a number of factors which affect the cost. Before we look at these factors, we should see the approximate cost this procedure in Brisbane, Australia. Although the cost will vary from one geographical location to the next, these are averages and will therefore give you a rough idea how much you will be expected to pay.

Abdomen, upper and lower parts of the body

Since these take up a larger part if the body’s surface area, you will obviously pay more. In this case, you will pay a minimum of $ 3000 and a maximum of $ 8000

The abdomen and the lower part of the e body

Exempting the upper boy, these two will set you back by as much as $2500 or $7,500 on the upper side.


On average, arms cost between $ 2,000 and $5,500

Back of a female

This   one will set you back $2000-$4,500.


For between $ 3000 and $8000, you have liposuction of the breasts. If done on the males, the cost is the same.


Liposuction of the buttocks will dent your pocket by anything between $ 2000 and $ 5000. The Liposuction in Brisbane clinic is highly recommended when it comes to getting the best liposuction results with the reputable cosmetic surgeon with many decades of experience. So be sure to check out their medical practice for more information.

The face

Comprises the cheeks, neck, jowls and the chin. These ones will cost you anything between $2500 and $5000.


These ones mostly apply to the males and will set you back by $2500-$6000

Thighs and knees

Particularly for the anterior ones, the cost will be the same as that of the flanks. The inners ones though are a bit expensive, ranging between $ 3,300 and $6500.

Hips and waist

Either of them will cost you $2500-$6000

Outer thighs cost the same as the hips or the waist.

Having looked at the individual costs, it is imperative that we identify the factors which influence the cost of the costs as outlined above.

Time and effort

These two are in turn influenced by the number of areas to be performed, patient’s size and expected difficulty. Going by this argument, you will realize that the cost of liposuction in the abdomen and the inner thighs will obviously be higher than that of the abdomen alone.


The level of experience affects the cost of liposuction in that a more experienced surgeon will charge more than the less experienced one. Get a FREE consultation to know if you qualify for a liposuction procedure, view before & after photos and more>>

Global fee vs. surgical fee

These two are different in the sense that the former is the standard used worldwide and is quoted lumpsum, inclusive of:

  • Surgical fees
  • Non-surgical fees
  • Anaesthesiologist’s fee

It is usually advised that you be keen when asking for a fee quotation. This is because you may not get the hidden fees as outlined in the global fee when the surgical fees only are provided.

Written vs. Telephoned fees

It is worth noting that the total liposuction fees that you get through a phone enquiry may be a mere estimate and not the actual fees. It is therefore important to insist on a written quote as all the related costs will be easier to list in the latter.