Various Types of Breast Implants

Breast Implantation Analysis


There are three categories in the breasts implantation. In the first one the breast is filled with a saline solution. This invented in France at the Arion Labs. The saline solution is prepared at the normal temperature of a standard room. This technology was introduced as it involved less surgical practice involved. It was less invasive to the body and just filled the empty portions of the breasts.

Due to smaller insertion space the area cut is smaller and it leaves a very minute scar. Technically this is an effective method of breast implantation as it affects only the needed part of the breasts. In the second type the breast is filled with the silicone gel. As compared to the silicone gel implantations the saline solution filling have better results. It gives a smoother edging and a good hemispheric shape to the breast.

Silicone Breast Implants

Also the cosmetic issues are less likely to occur in the saline implantations. The scars are not noticeable to the naked eye and it looks like natural. The silicone gel implantations have a total of five generations in its evolutions up till now. The last generation started in the 1990’s. In this generation the technology has advanced at a higher level. A half-solid gel is used which helps in securing the leakages in the filler. If the silicone gel bleeds it helps stopping it.

breast-implants-Choose the type of implants that suits best for your breasts. Visit to answer all your  questions about saline and silicone implant. Finally the third one in which the breasts are filled with numerous filters. This practice of breast implantation is not implemented anymore. Mostly women of young age go through the breast augmentation process. It is mostly due to the mental disorder they have due to their personal outlook. They have a negative image of their bodies in their minds and this insecurity becomes a phobia for them. If someone criticizes them of that it creates a bad scenario for them. It really is a heartbreaker for girls. Learn more about breast implants.

It destroys the aesthetics of the whole figure of the women. This young age is very sensitive in terms of how these young girls look and what people are saying about them. At this distress the only solution that these young women find is the option of breast implantation. In the third world countries the women usually use creams for breast enlargement. They don’t go for complete breast surgeries for implantation. The awareness is less plus they are fearful of the after affects.

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